Essential Tips To Fighting Insomnia

Tips To Fighting Insomnia And Getting Good Night Sleep

1- Have a Good Look at Your Bedroom The very first things you need to do is take a really good look at your sleeping area. In an ideal world this should be a calm space that is neat, tidy and clean. You really relax and sleep better in a clutter free space. Ban electrical devices from the bedroom, especially computers and phones. The only device you should have in your bedroom is something to wake you up and a battery operated alarm clock will suffice for this. Make sure your bedding is clean and that you keep the temperature low.

2- Three Hours before You Sleep Stop using laptops, iPads, mobile phones or anything else that can potentially cause you stress particularly if it is work related. In fact, banish game

playing from your late night habits too and allow your mind to gently relax. If you are overly stimulated you will not sleep well. OK if you use a device to read that is fine, but even this should be switched off an hour before you intend to go to sleep so that your eyes are not focused on light which will interfere with your ability to get to sleep.

3- Ban the Caffeine Another great tip is to ban caffeine after midday. Did you know that it takes six hours for caffeine to be processed and eliminated from the body? In order to be sleep ready when you go to bed make sure that your last caffeinated drink, whatever that may be – coffee, tea, cola etc. – is at least six hours before you head to bed.

4- Read a Boring Book In the twenty to thirty minutes before you aim to turn out the light and sleep, why not try to read a boring book. Something you have little interest in is best. A boring topic supposedly keeps your mind away from other things that you may be bothered about such as work, finances and relationship issues. You’ll become increasingly bored and sleepy and before you know it, it will be time to turn the light out.

5- Eliminate the Stress Take a long hard look at your life and eliminate any excess stress. Try out some relaxation techniques and consider EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping, yoga or meditation. There have been numerous studies to research the overall benefits of meditation and how it can help with a number of health issues such as primary insomnia.

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