Juju Scare: Who Killed Prof. Dora Akunyili?

Dora Akunyili is watching you

That former Director General of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, (NAFDAC), and Minister of Information, Prof. Dora Akunyili succumbed to the colds hands of death over the weekend, allegedly from cancer related ailment, is not debatable.
As Nigerians from all walks of life mourn the astute woman who staked her life to flush out fake drugs in the country, some close insiders are of the view that her death may have not been natural as many of them suspect she may have hastened to her grave by diabolical
Those who hold this view believe that Prof. Akunyili, a renown pharmacist of international repute, could not have been so unmindful of the fact that she had such an ailment and that if she actually had cancer, it could have been detected on time and commence treatment immediately.
A former aide of Prof. Akunyili, who does not want his name in print, told pulse.ng of phone that the notion that she died of cancer should be discountenanced as findings have revealed that she was actually bewitched by those who thought she had wrecked their businesses by seizing and destroying their fake drugs.
Anyone saying Prof. Dora Akunyili died of cancer does not know the real truth. You that when she was at the helms of affair at NAFDAC, she was fearless and stepped on so many toes.
Many of those who imported fake drugs into the country and had them seized and destroyed by the agency, had vowed to deal with her. Remember that at one time, her car was shot at by assassins apparently sent by these disgruntled business men.
At another time, how house was attacked and in both instances, she escaped. So when the could not get at her with guns, they decided to go diabolical, so I can tell you that her death was not natural.
Dora Akunyili was killed. As a renown pharmacist, you should know that she would have known she had cancer. And she had undergone treatments in the USA but was told that she did not have any malignant growth that needed surgery.
So I am telling you that she did not die a natural death.

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